April 12th 2022

Python SDK v0.15.1 release, Elastic Sound Templates, bug fixes and improvements


What's new in SDK?

Mastering.list_presets() method has been added. Currently existing presets consist of different levels of side-chain compression and track equalisation. We'll be consistently adding new presets to cover more use cases.



New elastic templates!

Elastic templates will adjust to the length of your script sections flawlessly looping into eternity!

Check out available templates under GET https://v1.api.audio/sound/template or apiaudio.Sound.list() in Python SDK!



SyncTTS (POST /speech/sync)

  • Added support for PCM and various sampling rates.
    To set the output format, set the Accept header to one of following values: audio/wav, audio/mp3, audio/pcm. Sampling rate is specified in the request's body, e.g. sampling_rate = 24000.

  • Added support for specifying bitrate for mp3
    Bitrate is specified in the request's body, e.g. bitrate = 128

  • Added support for effects
    Effect is specified in the request's body, e.g. effect = "dark_father".

  • Slightly improved time performance and resilience to errors.

Improved overall security of public API endpoints


Bug fixes


  • fixed: validation of dictionary tags wasn’t triggered in most cases
  • fixed: section validation was blocking texts with non-ascii characters


  • fixed: GET/retrieve method didn't recognise that specified script parameters had not been produced


  • fixed: track assembly miscalculated the final amount of tracks in some cases with media files