March 28th 2022

Python SDK v0.15.0 released


Processing loops for Speech and Mastering API now returns the 202 status code when a file takes longer than 30 seconds to produce upon POST request. When doing a GET request for a resource that is in progress of creation, the connection is maintained until the file is ready. It also returns 202 if the resource is not ready after 30 seconds.

SDK works with this mechanism by sustaining the processing of create(), retrieve() and download() methods as long as the file is not ready.


INFO layer added to SDK's logging

If you wish to see informational logs (e.g. "In progress" message for every repeated GET request) you can enable it through:

Warning logging is enabled by default. If you wish to disable logging completely, set the logger level to "CRITICAL".


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where errors from Azure voices were sometimes missing a message.