Create a Script resource.

Note: If referenced Script already exists, this method updates it.

Annotation system in scriptText

Personalisation parameters/audience

  • Personalisation parameters can be used to dynamically replace content components within a script.
  • E.g. "Today is {{weekday|a good day}}!"


  • A section is processed individually in later stages of Speech, and treated as a unit in Mastering process.
  • E.g. "<<sectionName::intro>>Hello!"

Sound Segments

  • Nests the content in a segment of a sound template. See available sound templates at
  • E.g. "<<soundSegment::intro>><<sectionName::intro>>Hello!"

Sound Effects

  • Inserts sound effect belonging to the sound template
  • E.g. "<<soundEffect::effect2>>Hurry up, the time is ticking!"

Coming up! Sound effects will soon be available globally, independent of the sound template applied.

Media Files

  • Insert a placeholder for a media file that is specified on Mastering stage. Media files are uploaded through /file/customaudio/uploadurl.
  • E.g. "Bruce Lee once said: <<media::bruce_lee_talking>>"


  • Synthetic Speech Markup Language standard. Accepted tags vary across providers, so make sure to consult their documentation.
  • E.g. <break time = '2s'/>

Coming up! We're working on a SSML standard that mitigates all the discrepancies between the providers.

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