Script resource is designed for the purpose of content management.


Script resource is driven by Annotation system, through which text is sorted into sections, assigned to sound segments and integrated with sound effects and custom media files.

Script sections

Each script section can be spoken by a separate speaker, have its own Speech configuration or be forced into a given length in Mastering.


We're working on unified SSML system compatible with all the voices in our library. Until then, please make sure that the tags used in your Script are supported by the original provider of the voice.

Project-Module-Script structure

Scripts are nested in modules, modules are nested in projects. The combination of these names generates a scriptId, with which the Script is referenced in other parts of the API.

Custom scriptId

Another way is to specify your own scriptId - this way all these layers have the name of scriptId.

Script versioning

Each script can have its own versions, that can easily be switched in later Speech or Mastering process.