The Basics

Audio production and sound design involves adding music and various sounds to the speech, as well as applying audio effects; to make it more lively and pleasant to listen to. Audio production is generally a long and arduous manual process which requires expertise, specific software, and lots of time. With, you can request automatic mixing and mastering for your speech track with customisable sound templates. allows you to choose from a variety of sound templates, which will then be mixed and mastered along with a speech track.

Sound Design Templates Availability and Selection

The new version of's Sound Design allows for even more sound customisation, where you can select multiple background sounds to play throughout your script, have sections of speech without background sound, and even insert sound effects!

Sound Design Templates offer many different sounds within a common theme or use case. This allows you to pair sections of your script with different sound segments, creating a more dynamic soundscape for your speech track.

Sound segments will automatically cross-fade into each other, creating a seamless soundtrack for your script. These new features will allow you to apply professional-level sound design to your content without any manual sound engineering - with a full produced track ready for you in seconds! offers a selection of sound templates to choose from. You can retrieve a list of all the Sound Design Packages available:

sound_templates = apiaudio.Sound.list()
await Sound.list(scriptId: string)

Sound design functionality will be handled by our Script API, allowing you to link sound segments to sections of your script. For more information on how to use sound designs visit:

Sound Effects

Sound Design Templates also include sound effects that you will be able to place at specific times within your script sections. The placement of sound segments and effects with respect to speech is handled in the Script API where sound segments can be placed throughout your script content to map out the sound design. They will then be automatically timed, mixed, and mastered with your speech.

Upload your own sound file will also allow you to upload your own sound effects and incorporate them into your sound design!

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