Content Management

A script is the content that you send to create Speech or Audio. allows you to organise content in a way that is optimised to programatically create professional sounding audio. The central component to do this is the script. While you can create Speech directly from text via a direct call to the text-to-speech API or you can only use the rendering engine in isolation, it usually makes sense to create a script and generate speech or fully produced audio based on that. Further, you can upload or record audio and make it available to be used in what you want to create.

Let's look at an example showcasing a bunch of features. You don't need to use all of these features though.

script = apiaudio.Script.create(
        scriptText="Head over to to grab your tickets before they sell out!",

You'll see in the above that script can contain various parameters, such as scriptText and scriptId which are the text you need plus a unique Id so you can identify your pitch. You can see more details here as the other parameters are optional.

Fundamentally a script is used for content management and we have the ability to apply projectNames, and moduleNames. Which allows you to store things in a sensible manner.

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