API.audio provides the world’s first infrastructure for AI driven synthetic audio creation and automation.

Api.Audio makes the audio production process 100x faster, 99% cheaper, and requires virtually no audio production knowledge.

Developers use Aflorithmic’s API.audio to easily integrate Text-to-Audio into their product offerings and processes in order to either automate audio production or allow end users without audio expertise to create high quality audio.


  • Turn any text into speech in seconds
  • Versioning and personalisation of content programmatically
  • Create beautiful audio (speech plus sound designs) in seconds.
  • Scale up horizontally without having to set up any infrastructure
  • 500+ voices
  • 50+ sound effects and 100+ sound designs
  • 60 plus languages
  • Caching, webhooks and low latency text to speech

To get started you need:

  1. An API key (its free!)
  2. An understanding of python, bash or javascript.
  3. Create your first audio asset by using our audio production capabilities and share with your friends!


We recommend you start with a Hello World (takes <10min to complete).


Questions? Need help with integration?

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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