Hello World

Getting started in in a few minutes

Welcome to the API.audio Hello World! You can create your first fully produced audio asset in less than 1 minute.

🐍This recipe describes how to create your first audio asset using Python

🏁 Before getting started:

1.You will need an API key (you can get one for free)

2. Use pip install -U apiaudio to install the latest python SDK
3. Follow the hello world - create your first audio track

import apiaudio 
import os

apiaudio.api_key = os.environ['APIKEY']
first_track = apiaudio.Orchestrator.create_audio(scriptText="Hello World my first audio track", 

You should receive something like ./a2679779-664d-42aa-8a72-1f12d009739a.mp3 and you'll be able to listen to that. We have hundreds of voices so have fun :)


Success! Received your audio file?

Share the audio on social media and tag us @aflorithmic #apiaudio
If you share the audio you produce with the Hello World (or anything you produce with api.audio) on social and tag us, you will get our Hacker plan for free for one month. Tag us on Twitter @aflorithmic!

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What’s Next

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