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Welcome to the API.audio, the Aflorithmic API family. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Api.audio allows you to turn text into audio for your applications (IoT, mobile apps, Alexa, etc)

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Hello World

Getting started in <10 minutes

Welcome to the API.audio Hello World! You can create your first fully produced audio track in less than 10 minutes.

An audio track consists of:

  • Content: generally created in the form of a ScriptScript - A script is our 'unit' of audio. Consider this like your story. Scripts can have many sections within them.
  • Speech: created from text (text-to-speech)
  • Sound_designSound_design - Sound design is the art and practice of creating sound tracks for a variety of needs. It involves specifying, acquiring or creating auditory elements using audio production techniques and tools. For us this is a specific kind of 'sound design template' which users of Digital Audio Workstation will be familiar with. If you're not an expert don't worry we have plenty to choose from.: additional audio elements like backing tracks and effects
  • MasteringMastering - The application of various audio effects in order to make your audio sound like a professional production.: An audio postprocessing step that enhances the quality of the audio

This recipe describes how to create your first audio track either using Python, Javascript or cURL. More libraries are coming soon!


cURL comes standard on Mac and Linux operating systems. Get started on Windows

🏁 Before getting started:

  • You will need an API key (you can get one for free)

2. Follow the hello world - create your first audio track.


Success! Received your audio file?

Share the audio on social media and tag us @aflorithmic #apiaudio
If you share the audio you produce with the Hello World (or anything you produce with audio.api) on social and tag us, you will get our Hacker plan for free for one month. Tag us on Twitter @aflorithmic!

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What's Next

Get started with other recipes or look at the full documentation


Hello World

Getting started in <10 minutes

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