Corporate plan - when and why?

Our professional and corporate plans are for customers who have specific needs in compliance, security and custom voices

Our professional and corporate plan can accommodate very large use cases as you can pay-as-you-go for additional production/consumption volume. You normally only need an enterprise plan if you have additional requirements such as:

1 - You enable your users to create audio or clone their voice within your application:
In this case, it makes sense to create an organisation per user. This will allows you to invoicing per user, reporting and analytics; keep your users' data isolated from eachother and secure, etc.

2 - Audio.api is a mission critical component of your application:
When Audio.api is a critical component of your application in which case you will almost certainly have elevated requirements in terms of security, SLA, compliance, etc. In this case we would love to give you additional support, help with problems and monitor things a bit closer on your behalf.

3 - You need significant help from us building your application:
If you have an idea but do not have the resources to build it, we can offer hands-on help within our enterprise plan.



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