API Pricing


This pricing is outdated

API.audio is a legacy product and only existing users may use it until the product itself will finally be deprecated. Please see the new pricing for the new product AudioStack here.

At API.audio the API usage is charged in production credits. Credits are based on the complexity of each task so some endpoints are more expensive than others.

Below is a full list of services and their respective prices in credits.

Find a full list of pricing tiers and benefits of each here


Did you know?

In the Free Plan you get 250 production credits for the first month on us!
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post/script0.5Create a script
get/script0.1List scripts
get/script/{id}0.1Get a script by its id
get/voice/parameter0.1See which attributes you can filter the voices by
get/voice0.1List voices
post/speech1 (per 1 minute of speech produced)

Each additional 20 seconds is 0.2 additional credits
Create speech
post/mastering5 (per 1 minute of audio produced)

Each additional 20 seconds is 1 additional credit
Create a mastering request
get/speech0.1Retrieve a speech file
get/mastering0.3Retrieve a mastered file
post/speech/sync10Create real-time speech


FYI - Some providers have different pricing

With a Resemble and Deepzen voice (our external high quality providers) - post /speech costs 25 credits
With a Messner voice (our internal R and D provider) - post /speech costs 20 credits

Extra Credits

Extra credits are charged for all paid plan users once reaching a monthly production credits limit.

Cost per one extra credit: