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📝A List of Example Content for Your Script

Creating content can be difficult. That's why we have compiled some examples of text you can use for your script. The examples range across several different use cases including Fitness, Marketing Technology (MarTech), Sales (SalesOps), Kids Technology, Meditation and Education.

The example scripts showcase the possibilities of content creation - utilising personalisation parameters, sections, and SSML tags.

Below are examples to help you get started.


1️⃣Welcome Audio Message
Give a warm welcome to your users, using their name as a personalisation parameter.

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Hello {{username|Alex}}, and welcome to your first session. 
    Today, we will focus on your core strength and mix it up with a bit of endurance. 
    Get ready to sweat!"""

2️⃣Workout Update
A running audio update, using users' name, speed and heart rate as personalisation parameters

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Come on {{username|Matt}}! Just 15 more seconds! You got this!
    You’ve already burned 456 calories today.{{username}},you did great today!
    Compared to your training group, you’ve trained longer,and more intense than others!
    Keep it up! I’ll see you on Tuesday!"""


1️⃣Personalised Audio Ad
A voucher code audio generator, personalised to every listener using location and username parameters.

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Hey {{username|Maria}}, Thanks for reaching out from {{location|Barcelona}}.
    Your voucher code is {{voucher|12345}}. I will repeat one more time for you,
    {{username|Maria}}, your voucher code is {{voucher|12345}}"""

2️⃣Personalised Audio Ad
Create dynamic and personalised audio ads for all of your listeners

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Hey {{username|Oscar}},
    choose us if you want to create ads that are more unique,
    personal and relevant to digital audio users. <break time='800ms'/>
    Let's make advertising a more meaningful experience for everyone!"""


A voicemail message with personalisation for names and various preferences

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Hey {{username|Samuel}},
    this is Evan Fleming calling from {{phonenumber|1234}}.
    I thought of you because I’m working with an active footwear brand that’s seen about a 
    {{percent|10}} percent increase in reorders, and I think that I could help your brand do the same, 
    but I’m not exactly sure. So if you could give me a call back at {{phonenumber|1234}}.
    Again, this is Evan. Thanks!"""

2️⃣Video Voice Over
A voice over for your any of your video content (property, guided holiday tours etc)

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Do you want to experience destinations like a local?
    Discover unique activities and unmissable things to do around the world."""

3️⃣Property Voice Over
A voice over for your property video.

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""{{username|Sam}},<break time='300ms'/> don’t miss out on this amazing property in the heart of Notting Hill.
    In one of London’s most desirable areas to live, <break time='300ms'/> we find this spacious and bright apartment of 149 square meters. 
    <break time='600ms'/> This exquisitely presented and excellently connected 3 bedroom apartment, is located in the best area of Notting Hill,
    a few minutes from Ladbroke Grove and Holland Park Avenue. <break time='600ms'/>
    It is surrounded by all kinds of shops and schools, situated a stone’s throw away from metro and bus stations
    providing excellent transportation links. <break time='600ms'/> This is one of the most central areas of the city,
    and many people consider Notting Hill the true heart of London, because of its large collection of Modernist buildings. <break time='600ms'/>"""


1️⃣Personalised Children's Audio Stories
Your child can now be their own favourite hero. Use their name to personalise audio stories, and make the experience more immersive.

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""<<sectionName::mailythebee>> So,<break time='200ms'/> {{username|Max}},<break time='300ms'/> 
    we are now into the Witch’s den,<break time='300ms'/>
    her name is Maggi.<break time='600ms'/> Maggi is a very nice and hard working Witch,
    <break time='300ms'/> and when she’s not casting spells she is busy printing and packaging all the books!
    <break time='400ms'/>  Hello Maggi! <break time='800ms'/> 
    <<sectionName::maggithewitch>> Hello there Maily, <break time='400ms'/>
    how are you today?<break time='500ms'/> I am so busy trying to get all the books printed before Bruno arrives,
    <break time='500ms'/> there are a lot of children that are waiting for them!<break time='600ms'/> Look over there,
    <break time='400ms'/>there is a pile of books that need to be sealed, <break time='600ms'/> can you please do that? <break time='800ms'/>"""


1️⃣Bespoke personal development journeys or therapy sessions
Create a custom meditational journey with personalised data and background music.

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Hello {{username|Anna}}. Welcome to a very special moment. 
    You are about to start your meditation session. 
    The first thing we will do, is to become aware of our body and its posture.
    Simple things, such as how you position your hips, legs, or relaxing your shoulders,
    will help you make the most of your meditation. <break time='1s'/> 
    <amazon:effect name='whispered'> Breathe in,  <break time='1s'/> breathe out, 
    <break time='1s'/> relax , <break time='1s'/> and release. <break time='1s'/>
    Breathe in, <break time='1s'/> breathe out,  <break time='1s'/> relax, and release. 
    <break time='1s'/> </amazon:effect>"""


1️⃣Educational Content in Audio
Enhance your e-learning platform with custom voices and personalised programs

script = aflr.Script().create(
    scriptText="""Hello {{username|Sonia}}.Welcome to your last lesson of module 3.
    During this module, we learnt about the weather.
    Those are the ten adjectives from this module that you still need to practice in this section. 
    <break time='3s'/> warm, <break time='3s'/> cold, <break time='3s'/> sunny, 
    <break time='3s'/> cloudy, <break time='3s'/> clear, <break time='3s'/> foggy,
    <break time='3s'/> windy, <break time='3s'/> rainy, <break time='3s'/> snowy,
    <break time='3s'/> icy. <break time='3s'/>"""

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