Core Resources relies on a hierarchical data model which makes it easy for you to administer content and keep workloads low while making sure your user data and/or your users’ data is safe. The latter is important as content can be sensitive, most musical assets are subject to licensing and voice data (as well as any voice model imitating that voice) is usually considered personal identifiable information (for more information see our security and ethics section)


When you sign up for, an organisation is created. You receive an API key which grants access to the organisation and all data and information contained within the organisation. Unless you are in the enterprise plan you can only create one single organisation and can not share any information outside that organisation. Hence the name of your organisation is normally your company or user name.


Within the organisation, you can create any number of projects that can help you to keep your content organised.


Within a project, you can create any number of modules. A module can be used for example to thematically group together different versions of the same content.


Within a module, you can create any number of scripts. A script is an annotated piece of written content that will ultimately be rendered into an audio file.


A script can be divided into script sections. A script section does not only help to organise content but also makes it possible to change parameter settings within a script (e.g. you need to create new script section to switch a speaker).


Should you need more than one organisation (typically needed when your application allows your users to create audio, rather than you creating audio for your application and users), you will need to sign up for our enterprise solution.. This will enable you to issue API keys and create any number of organisations for your users, share certain resources between the organisations of your users, take care of invoicing, reporting and other challenges.


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