Sound Resource

Sound allows you to design your own sound template from a script and a background track. In order to get a sound template/project, make sure you requested speech for your script resource first.

Sound Methods


List all the available sound templates in our api. The parameters are all optional, and can be used in combination to get the perfect sound for your use case.


  • collections (string) - Try with one or more (separated by commas) of: news, travel, business, relaxation, fitness, relax, children stories
  • genre (string) - Try with one of: electronic, acoustic, atmospheric, abstract, rock
  • tempo (string) - Try with one of: mid, up, down, uptempo
  • tags (string) - Try with one or more (separated by commas) of: intense, minimal, reflective, melodic, happy, nostalgic, focus, energetic, uplifting, active, relaxed, ambience, mysterious, positive, informative, workout, work, meditation, travel


sound_templates = apiaudio.Sound.list()
await Sound.list(scriptId: string)


This endpoint lets you see which attributes you can filter the sound templates by, along with the allowed values for each attribute. You can later use these parameters and values to filter the sound templates you wish to list.


  • No parameters required


parameters = apiaudio.Sound.list_parameters()
await Sound.parameters(scriptId: string)

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